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Expert Delay Analysis

TempTask Construction Planning offer our own bespoke Expert Delay Analysis services, carried out by our own Mike Testro.

The process of our Expert Delay Analysis service is carried out in three stages, covering all aspects of Extension of Time, Loss and Expense claims.

Button_1Stage one of our Expert Delay Analysis service is fact finding and a detailed case review of your claim.  

Provide us with the background details of your claim and we will carry out an independant review within three days and advised whether your claim has any substance and whether proceeding would be favourable.

Button_2Stage Two of our EDA procedure is an in depth fact finding process and initial case study with tick form result to determine whether your claim can be considered as Good, Risky or No Case

Button_3Stage Three of our EDA process is the preparartion of a fully detailed extension of time narrative up to adjudication service.  We charge a flat fee of £2,500.00 plus VAT for the production of the report, plus 15% of the outcome of any award achieved

For further details on our unique in-house EDA services, please contact us via email enquiries-cp@temptask.co.uk